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Lady of the Fork

It’s Just About Go Time

The Lady of The Fork event is just about here and we wanted to make sure you have everything packed and ready for an amazing event.

Please make sure you bring at least one mask with you for setting your own shuttle and for when we have group gatherings (such as the start of the event).

We would also like to remind you that at the end of the event, for anyone wanting, we will project your GoPro footage and everyone will provide input on lines, etc.

If you are willing, please bring any camera to capture moments throughout the day as we will put together an edit of the event with everyone’s footage (a shared folder will be created for this purpose next week).

Make sure you have filled out your waiver online!

Here are some suggestions (with an interactive check-list):


I started kayaking in Wisconsin of all places, because this is where I am from. I then moved to San Diego and took on kayak surfing along with heading to the Kern River when water was available. I then made the move to Asheville, NC and have been hooked on this sport since my Wisconsin days. With whatever it is that you do, do it because you love it, not because society tells you should or for other outside factors. Don't simply exist, live!