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van life post about upgrading the wheels

New Wheels

With the shop messing up on my lower control arm assembly and me not taking it back in right away, the inside of my front tire wore down to about nothing. I had been thinking about purchasing new rims and figured since I needed new tires, I would go ahead and purchase new rims as […]

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van life update: chevy astro repairs

Van Life Update

I realize I have not posted anything regarding my van in what feels like forever. I did a lot of mechanical work this summer and wanted to summarize it. I needed to replace the driver-side wheel bearing assembly and figured I would go ahead and put on new front shocks. With some research, I purchased […]

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Van Flooring

Let’s talk flooring for my van. For a kayaker, water is a major concern that would eventually equal mold which would equal being sick all the time. Therefore, I did my best to do my research but I won’t know if what I did is correct until time passes. Let me back all the way […]

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