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Carnifex Cottages Cabin Review

Quick post gauley review: A group of 8 all chipped in this weekend to avoid the drunken kayakers and actually try to get some sleep on a cabin that is part of the Carnifex Cottages in West By God Virginia. While $195/night is a bit steep (in my opinion), plus taxes, splitting this 8 ways works out to be a pretty decent deal. We stayed in what is considered a 3-bedroom (2 bedrooms plus a loft) that was really adorable and fit the 8 of us and 3 dogs pretty well. There was a king in one bedroom that attached to the deck, a queen bed in another bedroom on the main floor, a couch on the main floor and two twin beds up in the loft along with another couch. Came with a full kitchen, a 2-person hot tub on the deck and a small grill on the deck. They also had a ton of firewood for the fire pit that was awaiting us that we never ended up using. The location was also pretty good. It is about 5-10 minutes to the upper and 20 minutes to the festival. All in all, if I had a big group to split the cost with, I would certainly go back. Check them out.


I started kayaking in Wisconsin of all places, because this is where I am from. I then moved to San Diego and took on kayak surfing along with heading to the Kern River when water was available. I then made the move to Asheville, NC and have been hooked on this sport since my Wisconsin days. With whatever it is that you do, do it because you love it, not because society tells you should or for other outside factors. Don't simply exist, live!