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Getting Rad On The Dirty Bird

The goal behind starting up the Confidence Series was to start small, and grow. Our second event finished off with small numbers, but many smiles. With a playboat clinic in the Southeast, doesn’t come endless kayakers. With small numbers, instruction is drastically increased with quality. Nikki and I set out to have a good time, for us, and for those joining the clinic. After all, this is what playboating is all about. The dynamic of the group was this; badass chic creekers wanting to try new things in a playboat. This makes a clinic pretty easy. Here are some things that we worked on: catching a wave on the fly, surfing, spinning, cartwheeling, stern skirts, double pump, wave wheels and looping. Unfortunately the great play feature at the end of the run was a bit washed out and not many tricks could be had but everyone got on the feature¬†and did the best they could to take home some Astral and Jackson Kayak schwag. To conclude the day, SweetWater beer was¬†provided and consumed! Both the Cheoah event and the Pigeon event are set to take place again next year!

(Photo Credits: Nikki Malatin, Amy Little, Crystal Gustin)

(Sponsors: Astral, Jackson Kayak, SweetWater Brewing)


I started kayaking in Wisconsin of all places, because this is where I am from. I then moved to San Diego and took on kayak surfing along with heading to the Kern River when water was available. I then made the move to Asheville, NC and have been hooked on this sport since my Wisconsin days. With whatever it is that you do, do it because you love it, not because society tells you should or for other outside factors. Don't simply exist, live!