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van life update: chevy astro repairs

Van Life Update

I realize I have not posted anything regarding my van in what feels like forever. I did a lot of mechanical work this summer and wanted to summarize it. I needed to replace the driver-side wheel bearing assembly and figured I would go ahead and put on new front shocks. With some research, I purchased […]

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Insulating The Van

I am not going to go into the specifics of the vast topic of insulation. There are plenty of resources out there telling you the details and it can be very overwhelming. Here is my brief run down of what I did after hours of research: Walls: 1/2″ poly Ceiling: 1″ poly Floor: Sound deadener […]

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Spraying the Van

A friend of mine had sent me a post a while back of someone spraying their entire van with tintable bedliner and I recall seeing another kayaker having that style on his truck. After a fair amount of research, posting on forums, etc., I decided to pull the trigger on a black┬áRapter bedliner (link is […]

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