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Apostle Island Sea Caves by Kayak

We had watched the wind reports all week in anticipation of our upcoming Lake Superior Sea Caves kayaking adventure, located near Bayfield, WI. Lake Superior is the worlds largest fresh water lake with a surface area of 31,700 sq miles. It is 350 miles in length and 160 miles wide. Its depths can reach 1300 ft and water temperature average 40 degrees, even in the summer. Lake superior can be a dangerous lake with recorded waves of 40 ft, 350 recorded ship wrecks and fog that can set in within very little notice. This lake can also be calm and a place for exploring and adventure. The lake is clear with visibilities 27 to 100 ft. The apostle islands are a thing of beauty within themselves but this trip was to explore the sea caves near Meyers Beach.

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Before you leave to kayak this lake I can not express enough check the wind and wave reports on a weather radio before you go. If the weather is not right do not go. There are hiking trails near the sea caves which may be a better choice if you feel uncomfortable. The kayak launch area is called Meyer Beach and is located a few miles west of Bayfield, WI. Take Hwy 13 to Meyer Rd to the parking area. Arrive early as the parking lot fills quickly. There is a ranger there so make sure you sign in and then sign out when you leave. With this lake’s water temperature wear a wet suit or dry suit no matter what the air temperature is. The weekend I was there it was hot and I stupidly did not wear a wet suit. When I think back on it now I definitely should have had one on. Have rescue equipment and know how to use it. We practiced numerous times on our area small lakes getting back into our boats with a paddle float. Also wear a kayak skirt. Most of the time there will be waves which can swamp your boat. A canoe is not recommended.

sea kayak caves apostle islands

The first day on the water it was pretty rough with whitecaps and waves so we were unable to get near the Sea Caves, however the 2nd day on the lake it was flat and calm. We had the rare experience of going inside the caves. This was amazing and something I will never forget. The sea caves in this area go on for approx. 15 miles. The Apostle islands are the crown jewel for sea kayakers and a must see. Bayfield is a fun place to go and has numerous shops, dining and hotels. The hotels can be pricey. If you want to experience this area on the cheap there are numerous campgrounds in the area. We stayed at the Little Sand Bay Campground on this trip which is located near the Sea Caves area.