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Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Yoga*: Start your morning with a session of paddler specific yoga where we will channel our “inner racer” (and limber up) with our very own Katie Houston.

Upper Group Paddle: We then head up for a splashy wake-up/ warm-up with the group on the upper Russel Fork. (The upper trip is for all paddlers and is not race-focused.) Soak in the beauty of the fall leaves and great class III which offers a good opportunity to get to know each other.

At the conclusion of the upper paddle, we will meet up with those who want to participate in the race prep and head into the gorge!

The Gorge: This section of the event will be led by Chris Hipgrave and Dane Jackson!! Yes, you read that right, two of kayaking’s most successful racers and paddlers team up to share their secrets!

Participants of this portion of the event should be somewhat familiar with the gorge already to ensure we are focusing on race lines and other techniques and not learning the rapids for the first time. (Friday releases offer a good opportunity to knock the dust off if its been a while and we will be out there if you want to come along, reach out to us directly!). Be prepared for a longer day on the river as we will be scouting lines from the boat and onshore, running rapids where the river allows multiple times, and of course… HAVING FUN!

Event Conclusion: At the conclusion of the gorge paddle, all participants are invited to the event conclusion held at Ratliff hole in the pavilion. Here we will share/review media on a big screen and further discuss race-related topics. This is your chance to have the pros/participants analyze your GoPro footage from the day. We encourage you to bring warm dry gear, beverages of your choice, and food while we socialize! (6′ apart of course!)

*optional but encouraged events

What to Bring

  • Long/short boats welcome
  • Safety equipment (rope is required, no rope = no paddle)
  • Plenty of food and drinks in your kayak (it’s going to be a long day and you will get HUNGRY)
  • Cameras/GoPro for learning
  • An open mind, a great attitude, and ready to learn!